100 Anchor Tattoos - Popular Tattoos for Anchors

The anchor is one of the oldest tattoo symbols, dating back to when Christians were persecuted for their faith. This tattoo was a way for Christians to show their beliefs while not making it known to their persecutors. It is a symbol of Jesus’ connection to the sea and it is a strong Christian symbol as it is mentioned a lot in the Bible. View over 100 anchor tattoos here. This popular collection of 100 anchor tattoos includes photos and designs for anchors, maritime and nautical symbols.

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Anchor / lighthouse tattoo sketch  - 100 Anchor Tattoos
Anchor / lighthouse tattoo
Artist: Matt Stebly.  #neotraditio - 100 Anchor Tattoos
Artist: Matt Stebly
Artist: Kyle Walker.  #animal #tra - 100 Anchor Tattoos
Artist: Kyle Walker
I'm not used to doing these withou - 100 Anchor Tattoos
Anchor Tattoo
>Artist: Mick Gore.  nautical col - 100 Anchor Tattoos
Matthew Houston - 100 Anchor Tattoos
Anchor Tattoo
rose ankor - Art by Guy - 100 Anchor Tattoos
Rose anchor
by Jason Levesque - 100 Anchor Tattoos
By Jason Levesque
Ship back tat - 100 Anchor Tattoos
Ship back tat